Summer 2012 POLSIS Alumni Newsletter High Profile Politicians visit POLSIS We have been really lucky this year to have had an extremely active student body and POLSIS now hosts two student societies involved in Politics, POLSOC and the Chamberlain Club. As a result of our students’ efforts, we have had some high profile British MPs and former ministers come and talk in Birmingham. We hosted David Miliband in October 2011, Alistair Darling in February 2012 and the speaker of the House, John Bercow, also in February 2012. David Miliband’s talk involved a debate with senior POLSIS Academics, followed by an open audience question and answer session. It was chaired by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor David Eastwood. Mr. Miliband discussed issues around his tenure as Foreign Secretary, as well as current political themes, such as the new tuition fees regime. Here is a testimonial by one of our students who helped organise the event: “I am Ioana Moraru, one of the students who organised the David Miliband event. This event was extremely beneficial for me, as a Politics student, for several reasons. First of all, it gave me the opportunity to gain more practical experience by organising of one of the most important events that POLSIS has hosted so far. Therefore, it has considerably helped me enhance my organisational skills and it has given me the honour to work closely with several members of POLSIS staff, including the Head of the Department, Colin Thain and Stefan Wolff, professor of International Security, whom I deeply admire. Also, during the organisation of the event I acquired a deeper and wider understanding of the implications and the amount of effort required in order to fulfil the aims of a project of such a big scale. To conclude, this event represented the perfect opportunity to deepen the abilities and skills I have acquired so far and has given me the chance to grow both socially and professionally by working with a group of experts in the subject that I am currently studying” Ioana Moraru Member of David Miliband Organisation committee