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Institute of Advanced Studies Internal Funding Programmes

IAS Workshops Topics should be cross-disciplinary, bringing together expertise from across the breadth of our University.
Upcoming deadlines 13 February and 13 March 2017.

Distinguished Visiting Fellows Programme welcomes nominations from colleagues to bring outstanding academics from global leading institutions around the world for research collaborations and the enrichment of campus life.
Upcoming deadlines 6 February and 8 May 2017

Research Investment Scheme (RIS)
RIS-DVF programme intended to create long-term collaborative, multidisciplinary research programmes with Distinguished Visiting Fellows.

RIS-post-workshop programme enables exciting ideas and conversations from IAS workshops to be explored and tested.

Upcoming deadline 15 February and 30 March 2017

IAS Internal Fellowship Programme provides resource and time to bring University of Birmingham Institute of Advanced Studies Fellows (IASFs) together with leading global academics, Distinguished Visiting Fellows (DVFs), to nurture research collaborations, in particular those with a cross-disciplinary focus. Please contact Sue Gilligan for further details and deadlines.

Distinguished Visiting Fellows

Professor Steven D. Kawaler
Dr David Nicolas,, CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) is a researcher at the Institut Jean Nicod (École Normale Supérieure, Paris), one of the most important international centres for research in linguistics and the social sciences. Dr. Nicolas works in formal semantics and philosophy of language and is a leading expert in the semantics of plurals and mass terms.

Dr. Nicolas will be in Birmingham February to April 2017 and is hosted by Dr Salvatore Florio, School of Philosophy, Theology and Religion. Please contact Salvatore or Sue Gilligan if you would like to meet David or would like to find out more about his visit.

We are delighted to invite you to Dr Nicolas’s seminar ‘Things and stuff: does language influence thought’ on Monday 27 February 13.10–13.50 in the ERI Building Room 149. Please email Shirley Adolphus if you would like to attend.
Professor Mantha Phanikumar
Professor Mantha Phanikumar, Michigan State University. Hosted by Professor Stefan Krause, School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Mantha will be in Birmingham March-June 2017.

Professor Kumar’s research interests include ecohydrology and biogeochemistry of groundwater–surface water interfaces, non-linear ecohydrological process dynamics and responses to environmental change, analysis of hotspots and hot moments, tipping points and threshold in ecohydrological and biogeochemical functioning, quantification of multi-component reactive transport processes at aquifer-river interfaces under the impact of global change.

During his visit Professor Kumar will be working with Professor Krause, linking with colleagues in Biosciences and Engineering.

If you would like full details of the plans for Professor Phanikumar’s fellowship or would like to meet with him during his visit as an Institute of Advanced Studies Distinguished Visiting Fellow, please contact Sue Gilligan
Professor Eilam Gross
Professor Eilam Gross. Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel. Hosted by Dr Kostas Nikolopoulos, School of Physics and Astronomy. March 2017

In the last twenty years Professor Gross has devoted his scientific career to the search of the Higgs particle and is the convener of the statistical data analysis forum of the CERN ATLAS detector in its search for the Higgs particle. If you would like full details of the plans for Professor Gross’s fellowship please email Sue Gilligan. please contact Sue Gilligan

Workshops and Events

TITLE: Entrepreneurship in Cultural Heritage Workshop,
DATE: 2 February

This workshop seeks to explore the increasing need for museums and heritage organisations to become ever more entrepreneurial in their approach in order to increase their resilience to the changing environment and also to identify ways and means to build profile, audiences, income and opportunities to communicate the heritage at their heart.
Email: or Register for this event

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Professor Janice Thompson
TITLE: Food matters: Sustainable Diets and Nutrition to Tackle Obesity and Diabetes in Diverse Communities
DATE: 8 February

Coinciding with the EUROCITIES Food Working Group Network, this multi-disciplinary, multi-sector workshop with Professor Janice Thompson will provide the opportunity to engage researchers, policy makers, food entrepreneurs, public health professionals, local authority leaders, and diabetes prevention social enterprises across the UK and Europe to discuss how to drive change at the grassroots level, and re-think how we manage the food systems in our communities.

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TITLE: Children and Childhood Network Inaugural Meeting
DATE: 1 March

Led by Professors Saul Becker, Peter Kraftl and Julie Taylor. Colleagues from across all schools including academics, researchers and PhD students who are researching in the ‘children’ and ‘childhood’ spaces will meet for the first time to explore the possibilities for collaboration and impact across the university and beyond. If you would like to attend this workshop please email Shirley Adolphus

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Professor Steven D. Kawaler
TITLE: EC Joint Research Centre Scientific Development Unit
DATE: 8 March

Dr Thielen-del Pozo is the new Head of Unit for the JRC’s own new Centre for Advanced Studies (JRC CAS) and now six months into this new venture will join us to present and to discuss the mission of the JRC CAS. If you would like to attend please email please email Shirley Adolphus

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