Institute of Advanced Studies Internal Funding Programmes
IAS has a range of funding programmes designed to support and develop colleagues’ cross-disciplinary research ideas, longer term projects and collaborations with world-leading academics. If you are interested in making proposals, or have any questions, please contact Sue Gilligan who will be pleased to give you more information about all our programmes and support.
IAS Workshops
Upcoming deadlines 15 May, 12 June and 14 July 2017
Topics should be cross-disciplinary, bringing together expertise from across the breadth of our University to address major cross-cutting themes that are important, relevant and timely.
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Distinguished Visiting Fellows Programme
Upcoming deadline 8 May 2017
Welcomes nominations from colleagues to bring outstanding academics from global leading institutions around the world for research collaborations and the enrichment of campus life.
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Research Investment Scheme (RIS)
Upcoming deadline 22 June, 14 September 2017
RIS-DVF programme is intended to create long-term collaborative, multidisciplinary research programmes with Distinguished Visiting Fellows.
RIS-post-workshop programme will allow exciting ideas and conversations from IAS workshops to be explored and tested so as to get preliminary results to seek external support for those ideas.
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IAS Internal Fellowship Programme
Provides resource and time to bring University of Birmingham Institute of Advanced Studies Fellows (IASFs) together with leading global academics and Distinguished Visiting Fellows (DVFs), to nurture research collaborations, in particular those with a cross-disciplinary focus. Please contact Sue Gilligan for further details and deadlines.
Distinguished Visiting Fellows
Professor Phanikumar’s
Professor Mantha Phanikumar
University: Michigan State University
Date: March to July 2017.
Hosted by: Professor Stefan Krause
For full details please e-mail
Patrick J Geary
Fellow: Professor Patrick J Geary
University: Institute for Advanced Study Princeton
Date: April 2017.
Hosted by: Professor Subrata Ghosh and Dr Simon Yarrow
For full details please e-mail
Lize van Robbroeck
Professor Lize van Robbroeck
University: Stellenbosch University
Date: May and June 2017.
Hosted by: Professor Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll.
For full details please e-mail
Professor Ivan Shestakov
Professor Ivan Shestakov
University: University of São Paulo
Date: 1st June 2017.
Hosted by: Professor Sergey Schpectorov
For full details please e-mail
Professor Sarbani Basu
Professor Sarbani Basu
University: Yale University
Date: July 2017.
Hosted by: Professor William Chaplin
For full details please e-mail
Workshops and events
Patrick J Geary
Genomic Data and Longobard History
Date: 24 April 2017
Time: 17.00–19.00
Venue: Arts Building Lecture Theatre 5
Speaker: Professor Patrick J Geary
His lecture will present some of his intermediate findings, and address what historic genome data, and current techniques in its analysis can and, importantly can’t, say about a period much revisited by historians erroneously and often dangerously seeking there the roots of their own nation states.
For further details or to register to attend this workshop please Register here
Alice Roberts
The Challenge of Interdisciplinary Research Between History and Genomics
Date: 25 April 2017
Time: 15.00–17.00
Venue: Arts Building Lecture Theatre 1
Speaker: Alice Roberts, Professor Patrick J Geary
Institute of Advanced Studies Distinguished Visiting Fellow Professor Patrick Gearey and the University of Birmingham’s Professor for Public Engagement in Science, Alice Roberts will discuss genetics and the intersection of scientific method with the study of the past in what promises to be a really informative and challenging event.
For further details or to register to attend this workshop please Register here
Dr Farhat Khanin
CADRe – Drug Repurposing in the UK
Date: 11 May 2017
Workshop Leader: Dr Farhat Khanin
Drug repurposing, also known as drug redeployment, re-profiling or repositioning, is the use of existing drugs for a new indication. This drug development pipeline has generated significant impact in the form of new therapies, especially in areas of unmet need eg, rare diseases and diseases of low and middle-income countries (LMIC) that are generally low priority areas for the pharmaceutical industry.
CADRe, the Centre for Accelerated Drug Redeployment, aims to provide a complete package of expertise and facilities to accelerate the drug repurposing pipeline delivering clinical impact both in high income countries and also in LMIC.
This workshop seeks to develop the University of Birmingham research collaborations and relationships with stakeholders in support of a national Drug Repurposing network.
For further details or to register to attend this workshop please contact Shirley Adolphus
Dr Fiona Nunan
Designing Research on the Governance of Renewable Natural Resources in Developing Countries
Date: 11 May 2017
Workshop Leader: Dr Fiona Nunan
This workshop aims to investigate how the governance of renewable natural resources, such as fisheries, surface waters, groundwater, forests and coastal ecosystems in developing countries can be improved.
For further details or to register to attend this workshop please contact Shirley Adolphus
Dr Erin Sullivan
Reception in a Digital Age
Date: 18 May 2017
Workshop Leader: Dr Erin Sullivan
Digital connectivity is radically reshaping how we engage with culture in the 21st century. Whether it’s the books we read, the music we listen to, the theatre we see, or the people we interact with, new technologies are remapping the way we access, consume, create, and share cultural experience. This one-day workshop will explore the impact such changes are having on the study of reception across the humanities and social sciences.
For further details or to register to attend this workshop please contact Shirley Adolphus
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